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Tincture of Time, LLC

Mission: Our mission is to offer quality vibrational support to each individual customer.  We promise to meet people where they’re  at and help them discover the possibilities of who they might be.  We seek to empower people interested in personal health promotion using natural & energetic options.  Clients may comfortably share their dreams, hopes, fears, and issues.  Products are personalized to each individual for use in this moment in time - for in the next moment, we may be something different. 

We are Purveyors, Educators, & Advocates of Healing Arts


Mother Earth's Seal of Approval

Tincture of Time​ LLC is a purveyor, educator, and advocate of the healing arts in the Capital District of New York.  We strive to provide a balance of traditional healing views alongside current scientific methods of healthcare information, product support, service, and gift ideas to community members emphasizing timeless wellness. 

*Healing traditions include organics, aromatherapy, herbalism, and energetic products appropriate for mind, body, spirit health according to the main global healing systems.  **Healing systems encompass Native American, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Ayurveda, among other lesser known traditions which have the individual’s energetic terrain as the focus of the intervention.

Mother Earth's Seal of Approval


      Meet the Owners:   

        Doris & Diane


Holistic Practitioner: Doris
Nursing Experience   since 2012
Favorite Energy Modality:  Healing Touch
​Favorite Healing Tradition:  Herbalism and Gemstones

Holistic Practitioner: Diane
Nursing Experience:  45+  Years
Favorite Energy Modality:  Matrix Energetics
Favorite Healing Tradition:  Aromatherapy

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Location & Hours

296 Delaware Ave Albany NY 12209
Call 71-Aroma (518-712-7662)

​WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY:  12pm - 6pm
​FRIDAY & SATURDAY:  12pm - 8pm
SUNDAY:  12pm-6pm
(additional Hours per Owner's Whim)

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