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Reiki Treatment

Energy Session Fees
  45 min 'basic session' $70
60 min 'regular session' $95
75 min expanded session $120
90 min 'let's explore' $150
120 min 'Tincture of Time' $200

Brief description of Energy Modalities utilized:

Healing Touch:  Healing system Utilizing the Aura and Chakra

Reiki:  Ancient Healing Tradition Utilizing the Chakras
Meridian Massage:  Light touch on meridians and acupressure points
Matrix Energetics:  Dissolve Points in the Energy Field, rapid shifts
Thought Field Therapy:  Tapping on the meridians to release traumas
Tincture of Time Travel:  Unique Process of Clearing Past time
CASTOR OIL TREATMENT:  Synergy of Energy work, Essential oils & Castor oil

Aromatherapy Personalized Bar*
15 min - $20
30 min - $40
45 min - $60 indepth consultation

*includes choice of roll-on or aroma inhaler

Modes of Delivery via products:

Inhalation:  Room Diffusers & Personal Inhalers, Necklaces
Skin Application:  Roll-ons in Jojoba and Avocado oils
Creams:  Skin Rejuvenation & Repair in organic whipped base
Balms:  Slow Release -Warm or Cooling recipes based on TCM


Shop Tincture Of Time Products

Gemstones:  Large and small stones, large inventory, bracelets, pendants, appropriate for grid making
Essential Oils:  Diffusers, Creams, Balms, Personalized Aroma Inhalers and Roll-Ons, Blends
Smudging Supplies:  
Sage, Sage blends, Mugwort, Sweetgrass, Hydrosol room sprays

Herbs:  Bath fizzies, Sleep masks, flax seed hot/cold compresses
Oracle & Tarot Decks:  Large selection, Sample cards available for most decks
Singing Bowls:  Silver, Copper, and Hand Hammered Copper bowls
Flying Wish Paper:  Cards and Kits-large and small
Tauga Nuts:  Renewable Ivory as pendants, necklaces, and bracelets
Himalayan Salt, Selenite, and Rose Quartz
Greeting Cards:  Wish Paper, Petal People, Quilling Cards, Homemade and Local
Candles:  4" Chime-colored sets and individual colors, a variety of unscented beeswax candles
Gift Ideas:  Karma Flags, Mayan Hands, Gift Baskets, Gift Certificates, Fair Trade, Soap Gems

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