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Everything in life is Vibration!"  Albert Einstein


A Radio Interview with Diane, co-owner of Tincture of Time 

"What we do at Tincture of Time, LLC?"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Essential oils? (EO’s)

​Essential oils are odorous volatile plant extracts produced through cold pressing or steam distillation.  One the process is complete, the oils (EO’s) and waters (Hydrosols/Hydrolats) are separated (each are useful for different purposes). GC/MS reports show they are condensed “genies in bottles” with potent therapeutic properties.  

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an art and science that utilizes Essential Oils, hydrosols, and other beneficial botanical products (essences, hydrolats, butters, waxes) extracted from plants, shrubs, and trees. Singly or in combination, these products can help bring balance and relief to the “Whole You” and ”the bits and pieces of the Whole You”. Aromatherapy addresses the Body/Mind/Spirit.

How does Aromatherapy Work? 

Our sense of smell (olfaction) is amazing. It’s the only one of our senses that has a direct link to the brain and can influence physiological (physical) and psychological (emotional) responses. Therapeutic scents from Essential oils can stimulate, calm, sedate, invigorate, and generate, strengthen.
All individual Essential oils and even the Carriers have a profile of chemical and therapeutic properties that, depending on composition, can work individually and synergistically to effect relief for a variety of symptoms—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. 
Once the molecules of the Essential Oils have been inhaled and enter the mucous membranes of the nares, they enter the bloodstream and go to work on a different level. Applied topically via carrier oils, butters, salves, creams, etc, Essential Oils enter the bloodstream trans-dermally (through the skin). Once in circulation, the chemical components of the individual molecules work with receptors locally and throughout the body.

Can your products be taken internally?

It is not recommended and is the position of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists that the internal use of essential oils be under the guidance of a physician or a specially trained clinical aromatherapist.   Diane is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and has studied in France where physicians are trained as aromatologists.

What conditions might benefit from Aromatherapy?

Some of our products address relief of symptoms of allergy, cold/flu, anxiety, skin conditions, stress, sleep issues, hot flashes, pain, inflammation, depression, fatigue, reduced confidence, heart-centered emotions, nausea, and more. Please explore our full line of products.

Are your products organic?

​We’re extremely proud of the integrity of our products. We use only 100% organic, unsprayed, cold-pressed, and/or virgin products. Our sources for ingredients are companies that are front runners in setting industry standards, believing in purity and ethical harvesting. We have access to the natural chemical information related to all ingredients we purchase. We believe that “if it’s on you, it’s in you.”

What are some safety concerns?

Essential oils (Eos)can be used safely if precautions are observed. EOs are not to be used undiluted on the skin, and should not be taken internally without supervision of a trained and qualified Clinical Aromatherapist.  Some oils are photo-toxic and can cause burning when skin application is exposed to sunlight. Some oils can cause allergic reactions to individuals with asthma or sensitivity to the plant.  Patch testing is advised.  Caution should be used when pregnant or nursing, or with infants and children.  Feel free to Contact us if you have questions or concerns. 

If I purchase the same products 6 months from now, will they be the same?

We make micro-batches of our products by hand to ensure freshness. Though we use the same recipes over and over again, small differences in consistency and/or scent are possible.  As we learn and gain experience, we strive to offer only the best products available. 

Do you have more questions?

It is our sincere desire to bring people more options for their wellness in body, mind, and spirit.  We love to help you experience things for yourself so that you know what is right for you.  Access your own inner healer!

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