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Meet The Team

Stop in and talk.  How's your energy today? Learn your options!   Learn to feel the energy of the gemstones.


Diane Stredny

Recognizing the power of nature and incorporating it into my healing journey has always seemed wise to me.  My journey with healthcare and my role in it, diverged from the norm during the early 90’s while I was a nurse in a large medical center.  I sought ways to relieve suffering after I had administered all the medication I was authorized to give.  I learned to use energy modalities like Reiki and Healing Touch and was able to be effective in new ways. These were called alternative therapies but are now called integrative therapies. 
More study in aromatic medicine helped me create botanical options for people.  My holistic nurse training broadened my scope of concern to offer a range of services that truly work on mind, body, and spirit.  I keep abreast of the latest research on aromatic botanicals and energy modalities to update the  options available to support every individual who visits our store.


Mother Earth

Our Mentor,

Our Teacher,

Our Sister!

  She cares for us all!


Doris Levinn

Our store is about Energy, Vibration, Beauty, and Potential. We merge Eastern and Western traditions and education--I love to learn and grow and hope never to stop.  Each bottle of Essential Oil contains a powerful proverbial "genie" inside that requires respect, care and understanding before letting it out. I love to use the experiences and knowledge gained from my RN training and Aromatherapy Certification to create, blend, and ‘dance’ with these Genies and with people.
I am also a Reiki Master Certified in Healing Touch, with over 10 years of active volunteer experience in hospital and home settings. Other modalities I work with include Matrix Energetics, Herbalism, and Meridian Massage. Let's not forget the Gemstones!  And…. I Love Tincture of Time. It’s where it’s all coming together. 

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